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Innovative, creative and environmentally friendly toys for your pets

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, well now your pets can have one too!  Built to hold weights of up to 15kg, the Cardboard Pet Castle is a great way to keep your pets entertained all day.  The Small Pet Castle, for mice and  hamsters is now available too!

Cardboard Pet Castle

Treat your cat, rabbit, chinchilla, rat..

Wouldn’t you love to be able to give your special little friend something different this Summer?  We’ve come up with a completely new idea - send your pet on holiday!

Welcome to the latest of a new range of fun themes to give your pet a break from their regular scenery.  Pet Shacks are a kit of cardboard ‘huts’ and ‘props’ you can build and colour in.  Just pop them into the cage and your little friend will be transported to a winter wonderland, a summer holiday by the beach, or even a treasure island adventure!  

Look out for more themes and bigger sizes for large hamsters, degus and rats next year.

Pet  Shacks Summer Holiday

Sammy is off on her holidays!

If you like SmartKitz environmentally friendly products, you are sure to be impressed by our sister company SmartBedz.  SmartBedz sells a high quality range of litter and bedding products for small pets, all of course are totally natural and chemical free.

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Slot and Go

Slot and Go

Build it as big as you like!

Here’s a clever and affordable way to really make a difference to your small pet’s environment.  Mini and Midi Slot and Go packs build into exciting climbing frames for your pets to explore

Works well too!  Believe it or not we’ve invented a cardboard ball.  The box cleverly hidden in the middle dispenses treats or food to keep your pets amused and exercised all day.

That’s clever!

Treatball More More


Smallpetz really like our environmentally friendly and natural range of toys and have now listed us on their site!

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